Board of Trustees

Donna Lynk (President), James Benton, Jennifer Owens

Library Staff:

Director: Wendy Tremper Wollerton

The Board of Trustees of the Livingston Free Library will meet on the third Wednesday of the month at 7 PM. The meeting is in the library and the public is welcome to attend.





The Livingston Library will provide a wide variety of resources and services to enable community residents to meet their personal, educational and professional needs. The Trustees will ensure that the Library will: supply adults with current reading materials, offer reference services to students, and provide an environment that encourages children to discover the joy of reading and an appreciation of learning.

Adopted by the Board of Trustees, February, 2007



Board of Trustees By-Law


Board of Trustees Minutes


Board of Trustees Monthly Meetings

October 26, 2022

July 20, 2022

May 18, 2022

March 16, 2022