1Livingston Free Library Wireless Policy


          The Livingston Free Library provides an internet access point for patrons with portable computers or devices capable of receiving wireless signal during regular library hours.  The purpose of this policy is to define and regulate the use of the internet access.

Rules for Use

  • A    Library staff will provide general information for the settings necessary for accessing the internet in the library. They will not be responsible for and the changes patron will need to make to access the internet, nor will they or the Board guarantee that a patron’s hardware will work in the library.

  • B    The wireless connection is not secure. The Board assumes no responsibility for any sensitive material compromised in any fashion while using the library’s connection.

  • C    The library will not assume any responsibility for any damage to the hardware or software caused by power surges, hacking or virus infection.

  • D    Users may not violate federal, state or local laws including the transmission or receipt of child pornography or harmful material, fraud or reproduction of copyrighted material.

  • E    Any restriction or monitoring of a minor’s access to the library wireless connection is the sole responsibility of the parent or guardian.

Contact webchanges@midhudson.org